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Since this is my first post I wanted to share my story on what made me decide to finally go vegan. I’m sure many of you can relate to what I went through and are already eating plant-based foods. However, if you are unsure about taking the jump to a completely new lifestyle because you think it’s too far fetched, or you think it’s not for you just hear me out from a different perspective that just maybe, you never thought about.

As I was growing up, even starting out at a young age, I wasn’t one to eat much meat or drink cows milk. My mother would only buy skim milk {which is a lot more watered down}, but I wouldn’t even drink it. She would use it mainly while cooking or baking. I was always watching and helping her cook dinners and bake desserts. I probably picked up some cooking skills from her. Thanks Ma!

My mother passed away in my early teen years {maybe I’ll talk about that another time}, so I grew up with my father. He wasn’t one to cook home cooked meals. He would bring home Taco Bell, Checkers, Papa Johns pizza or Chinese food. In all honesty most kids would love that and I did for a while. Until I just got tired of the same foods and I started cooking for the two of us. I would experiment with ingredients and it always seemed to work out. Anytime friends and family would have barbecues or holiday dinners I would make a dish or two to bring with me. I was always complimented by the presentation and how it tasted of course. It was good for my ego because I loved the positive compliments. I was a teen years ago too and what teen doesn’t like being told they’re really good at something?

When it came to eating or ordering out, for years I only ate chicken, turkey, some fish {I know I say only, but I didn’t know then what I know now} and of course fruits and vegetables. I was a big salad person. When it comes to dairy, I started drinking almond milk very early on, before it was even trendy. I hated the taste of milk, and it honestly always disgusted me that people drank milk from cows. Cheese, I was obsessed with cheese, but most people are. I now understand why I couldn’t get enough of it. Yes I know, it was very hypocritical of me, not liking milk but obsessing over cheese. I used to eat eggs for breakfast, usually I wouldn’t eat the yolks {ok maybe 1 out of 4 egg whites} but I ate eggs regularly for breakfast sometimes even dinner. When I would really think about it what I was eating, eggs grossed me out also. I just tried not to think too much of it. Very ignorant of me, I know. Like I said, if I knew then what I know now, it would have been so easy for me to transition. After all that, I would attempt {many times on and off} no meat, no fish, no eggs, but cheese I never gave up. I would always go back to eating chicken. I guess reading about how “chicken was healthy and gave us more than enough protein”, just got to me. I kept reading and hearing that we NEED protein from animals. So I kept telling myself I couldn’t give up chicken or fish. I was that girl.

Many years after my third son, I think he was about 4 or 5 months, was the last time I made chicken for dinner. I was so disgusted by the smell, the look and the slimy texture of animal meat. I think I even gagged a little. Right then I knew, meat wasn’t for me. It was literally an overnight thing. At that moment, I said no more chicken or turkey, no eggs and no cheese {I was already drinking almond milk}. I didn’t let the fish go just yet. I think I needed something to hold on to because my family, of all boys wouldn’t give everything up overnight, if at all. By me still eating fish, I could make the dinner process a lot easier and less time consuming.

My baby has been vegan since birth. He’s never ate meat, fish and he doesn’t drink cows milk {he’s actually VERY allergic to cows milk and eggs}. He eats what I eat and I love that. He’s a big eater and will eat anything I let him try. I just wish my middle son was the same. He’s the most picky kid I’ve ever dealt with. I get very frustrated and disappointed in myself at times trying to make him happy with food. Sometimes I just give in and let him eat whatever he wants so I know his belly is full. Sometimes as a mother we just do the best we can and hope it turns out right.

The few months of me being “pescatarian”, {consuming fish, only I didn’t fall under the pescatarian category because I wasn’t eating eggs or dairy} I started doing more research and learning where our food comes from. I was interested in learning how the fish was handled from and how it was caught. That’s when I watched a few documentaries and I decided I couldn’t anymore. I stopped eating the fish that I was still eating {crab, salmon & ahi tuna}. I couldn’t know what I know and continue to eat the fish. It’s disgusting when you really learn what it takes for the food to go from the ocean and to your plate. That’s all it took for my decision.

I started to post pictures on Instagram of my vegan journey and the food I would cook for myself. As time has gone on, I’ve had followers tell me how inspirational my page is and that “I inspire them!”, thinking to myself wow. I love being able to help others, especially since I did this mostly on my own {besides google here and there}. I know how hard it is being the only vegan in the family and having to figure out a balance. Overtime I’ve replaced ingredients of the meals I would cook for my family. So they’re also eating plant-based now. In the beginning they didn’t know what I was doing. They knew I was eating vegan meals, they just didn’t realize they had been too! I had been sneaking in my vegan ingredients and swapping out animal products most of the time so when they did compliment the meal I could rub it in. That what they ate was plant based and had NO meat at all. They have become more open to eating more plant based.

I decided this blog would be to share my vegan journey and simple but delicious cruelty free recipes. Being a mom myself, I know how hard it is every day to get dinner done by a certain time and hope you’re feeding your family a healthy meal. Eating plant-based makes it so easy for you while giving you that peace of mind. You’ll be able to feel good knowing what you’re feeding your loved ones is actually good for them, while at the same time they enjoy what they’re eating. It’s a win-win all around!