Emergency bags for the entire family

Emergency bags for the entire family

With everything going on all around the world today, especially with the natural disasters, anything can happen at any time and any location. I am one of those mothers that is always worrying before anything happens and always thinks about the what ifs? In order for me to keep my inner peace {and sanity} I have to know my family & I are prepared in an emergency situation. There’s too many of us not to be ready ahead of time. You don’t want to have to stress and be frantic when you only have a few minutes to get out. It’s much more important to plan ahead and be prepared, don’t you think?

My “Emergency Grab N’ Go Bag” List
Here are some items you may need to survive an emergency situation just in case you and your family have to evacuate with little notice. Each person should have 1 of the items below:

Hiking backpacks.
Each member of your family should have their own backpack in an emergency situation. Separate each members items into their own storage bags & leave it in the backpacks for an easy grab and go in an emergency. It’s also a good idea to keep emergency contact numbers and an evacuation plan* in each bag for emergencies, just in case someone gets lost in the chaos.
• Evacuation plan {document in writing for family meeting places-one outside your home and other ones outside your neighborhood. List escape routes from home, including safe places in case of flood, hurricanes, etc.

They make bags specifically designed for all ages and sizes. Adults have many different options to choose from. It’s all based on personal preference and what you’re looking for. This backpack is a good one based on price if you don’t want to spend too much. When it comes to finding the perfect bag for your child, it gets pretty confusing. You need to shop by your child’s size. There are a few different options for toddlers through teenage years. Depending on your child’s age and height, here are some good options:
• Children, 3 and older
• Children, 5 and older
• Older kids, 8 and older

Pet Carriers.
This is a good carrying case for cats. FYI-Most of the shelters will not allow pets.

Each person should have ziplock bags labeled with their name, clothing size & date. For children, store clothes that are about 2 sizes larger {since you’re using for emergencies and updating your bags every 6 months}.
• In each ziplock bag you will need underwear, socks, pants, t-shirt, sweatshirt & a poncho
– {shoes should be easily accessible to grab}

Personal Hygiene, Cleaning & First Aid.
A ziplock bag labeled for each person should include: washcloth, liquid soap {hair & body}, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, brush or comb, deodorant, a feminine cup {would be best bet for emergencies}. If you have young children, don’t forget diapers, wipes & ointment.
• Toilet Paper & a 5 gallon bucket with cover
• Detergent or antiseptic
• First Aid Kit- Alcohol pads, bandaids, gauze, ace bandage, tweezers, small scissors, safety pins, qtips, thermometer, vinyl gloves, anti-bac ointment, pain reliever, needle, cold pack, hand sanitizer. If you would rather, you can just buy a first aid kit.

Water is your main priority in those scary times when a natural disaster occurs and the water supply is extremely contaminated or non-existent. As a guideline I’ve read that officials recommend having at least three days {or more} of water per person (and pets) on hand at all times.
• Personal Water Filters. Each family member needs their own water filter. Each should have either the Life Straw filter or a couple Sawyer Water filters. Keep these in the backpacks since they’re only for emergency use.
• Water Storage- If you’re able to stay home and still use your house as a safe shelter. Fill your tub with water so in case the water shuts off you have a large amount of water. Remember you can use the personal water filters if needed.

Food, Cooking & Supplies
When expecting a hurricane, tornado or any sort of natural disaster you need to be ready in case of power outages. Which means you won’t have access to use your microwave, oven or stove. So what would you do?

• They sell camp cookware sets that include basically everything you would need. Here is a good set by MalloMe.  It’s good to have a Flameless cooker. They are a great little cooking device. It doesn’t need a fire which is great bc not all places allow a fire. Check out the HydroHeat Flameless Cooker. All you need is water and 1 of their heat packs and you can cook any non-perishable food item within minutes.

• Three Days Non-Perishable Food Per Person. Some foods to include are canned soups, beans & veggies; fruits, juice boxes; plant-based milk cartons, peanut butter. Also be sure to have some utensils, plates, cups, a manual can opener and at least one utility tool {Swiss Army Knife}. Also, for little ones you may need formula, bottles & pacifiers.
• Pets. Don’t forget to include their food.

Shelter, Keeping Warm & Lighting

Here are a few important items to have on hand in case your home is not in livable conditions and also in case just your power is out.
Family Tent, in case your home is not in living conditions or flooded and you need to leave.
Heavy Duty Tarp in case your roof breaks off or windows shatter.
Long burn candles
• A few small LED flashlights & batteries

•Lanterns should be in each room or each bedroom.
Headlamps in case you need to do tasks in a power outage {cook, change diapers, make bottles, etc.}
Solar Blankets
Waterproof Matches
• Magnesium Fire Starter
• Fishing wire {to set traps}

Sometimes even when the power goes out in your home, your cell phone is still receiving service. Unless of course the towers get effected by the storm, then you won’t be able to use a cell phone but that’s not always the case. Having some of these items can always help at a time your power is out.
• Generators are a huge help. There are many sizes available, but even a small portable one is a huge relief.
• Solar powered cell phone chargers
• Solar powered weather radio is beneficial to hear what’s going on outside your home and in town. Look for a radio that is NOAA capable {broadcasts local emergency weather and evacuation instructions}. Be sure to have backup batteries if needed for a non-solar powered radio.

Important Documents, Belongings & Plan.
You should keep all important documents in a waterproof bag that you’ll be able to just grab and go in a moments notice.
• Birth certificates, passports, health records {immunization & allergy records}, a document with all important financial information {insurance info, bank accounts, credit cards info, emergency contact numbers.}
• Spare house & Car Keys
• Cash {small bills & quarters}
• Cell phone & charger
• Wallet
• Local Map

Important Extras.
In case you have time to grab these items
• For children: coloring books, pencils & crayons, deck of cards & small toys.
• Diaper bag
• Pillows & extra blankets
• Coats & hats
• Camera

In your Vehicle.
You should always keep a couple large body towels, blankets, a flashlight, first aid kit, a state map, children items {diapers & wipes}, some quick snacks like dried fruit, or granola bars in your car. It’s also smart to always keep your gas tank at least half full. Check and keep up to date with your vehicles fluids {washer fluid, antifreeze, and clean engine oil}.

Hopefully this list has enough information to give you some ideas on what to pack in your emergency bag in case you’re ever given short notice to evacuate.

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