Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner 2017

Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner 2017

Thanksgiving is always such a hectic and chaotic time for us mothers. We always want everything to turn out just right, especially if you will be hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your home. Yikes!

Once you decide to have Thanksgiving dinner at your home you have to start preparing the menu. Now I know traditionally many families enjoy having a roasted, steamed or smoked turkey as their main dish. I think my mom fried a turkey maybe once. Traditionally, my family always roasted their turkeys, I also did for most of my adolescence.

Times have thankfully changed! I’m so happy about that too. I hate to think I contributed to the slaughtering of turkeys for our thanksgiving meals when presently the day is celebrated for giving thanks for family, health and life for all. I’m not talking about the past, I don’t agree with the history nor how most have forgot what really went down but what we now relate the day to. Turkeys deserve to have a full and happy life with their turkey family too. They’re a compassionate bird. They have feelings and know love and pain, so I’m thankful that for the last 2 Thanksgiving dinners I have enjoyed a cruelty-free dinner. This year I even hosted Thanksgiving dinner and I prepared all vegan dishes. I am happy to say our family enjoyed an almost completely cruelty-free Thanksgiving dinner.

Some of my Hubbz family brought a couple dishes to share amongst each other that I didn’t make that weren’t completely vegan {I did not partake in eating those dishes though}.

Not everyone is the same when it comes to change. Different people have different needs and routines. So as long as you contribute a little less each day, week, month or year, then you’re doing your part and showing you care and want to change. Just don’t give up go at your own pace.

This is the vegan option that I have made the past two years of living a cruelty-free lifestyle. I purchased this cruelty-free Turkey-Less stuffed roast from a local Trader Joe’s. It’s actually so simple to make and cost efficient at $12.99! It comes with a vegan gravy that is super delicious. I had purchased two roasts and I had 7 adults for dinner and no one even touched the second roast {which I was happy about because I had leftovers}. The servings for each person are very generous in size. Everyone raved about how tasty this Turkey-less stuffed roast was.

One of the best points of roasting a Turkey-Less stuffed roast is you don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn to cook it. Usually making a dead bird you have to cook it about 9-10 hours and be sure it’s fully cooked for safe consumption for you and your loved ones. To make this you could layer the bottom of your roasting pan with desired chopped vegetables {I chopped onions, carrots and potatoes} drizzled in olive oil, salt and pepper. Then place your Turkey-less  roast on top, cover with foil and Roast it! This option only takes about an hour and ten minutes. Which gives you much more time to finish the side dishes, shower and get glammed up for your holiday get together!

Here are some of the side dishes you could serve along with your roast. These recipes are also vegan and cruelty-free. It’s great eating plant based foods while being thankful and compassionate and still  enjoying a delicious holiday dinner.

Vegan Sourdough Stuffing and Leeks

Vegan Creamy Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes 

Vegan Coconut Creamed Roasted Corn

Vegan Caesar Dressing {5 minute}

Vegan Coconut Pecan Pie Crust 

Vegan Pumpkin Cheesecake 

I hope if you’re newly transitioned or just wanting to  be more compassionate towards all animals that these recipes can help you take some of the stress off your shoulders when you’re unsure where to start. If you have any questions or need some more help please just ask and comment below. I’ll help however I can. I love seeing new vegans especially when they realize how many delicious options for a cruelty-free life actually exists.

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