Benefits of Green & Fruit Smoothies

Benefits of Green & Fruit Smoothies

One of my favorite ways to start my mornings are to have either a green or fruit smoothie. One of my favorite green smoothie blends includes spinach, blueberries and bananas. Anytime I buy bananas at the grocery store I usually stock up and by double the amount I would so I can freeze half of the bananas. Then those bananas that end up getting overly ripe are perfect to freeze and throw in your smoothies. You’ll never have another wasted banana again. It used to hurt my heart when I would toss bananas in the garbage.

The best way to use bananas in a smoothie is to slice them up and freeze them. It also helps if you make pre-made smoothie bags for those on the go mornings. We all have mornings where we don’t even have time to take a deep breath and we think to ourselves, “I don’t have time for breakfast this morning”. Which is never a good idea, because breakfast is the most important meal of your day. A smoothie is the perfect meal to Break-{your}fast. It gives the perfect amount of natural energy plus all that extra nutrients, not to mention how easy and delicious they are! We should all try to at least drink a smoothie {green smoothies are even more beneficial} every morning to start our days. Frozen fruit can also be the perfect summer snack especially for kids.

The best thing about freezing your fruit is it can be fully ripe then frozen quickly after its harvesting.
Fruits are packed with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. When fruit is picked the nutritional value starts to go down, but if the fruit is frozen shortly after it can lock in all that nutrition.

Another great addition to smoothies are raw nuts and hemp seeds. With healthy fats, fiber, plant sterols and many vitamins and minerals, raw nuts pack a powerful nutritional punch. Hemp seeds contain a healthy dose of an amino acid called arginine. The consumption of arginine increases the amount of nitric oxide in the blood, which relaxes and dilates blood vessels, which in turn leads to lower blood pressure and reduced risk of heart disease. So if you were to add natural spring water with either of these choices listed you can make a healthier plant-based milk option without the toxic and useless additives.

Some perfect examples of the benefits of drinking smoothies are:

1. Natural energy.
2. Best source of plant-based protein.
3. Increases fiber and helps with regularity.
4. Prevents consumption of processed foods.
5. Direct source of nutrients which eases and slows down digestion.
6. Less anxiety and stress.
7. Prevents depression.
8. Increases your libido.
9. Helps you relax and sleep better at night
10. Helps regulate body weight.
11. Reverses aging.
12. Makes hair shiny.
13. Improves skin and complexion.
14. Stronger nails
15. Healthier teeth and gums.
16. Strengthens bones.
17. Strengthens muscles.
18. Improves joint health.
19. Strengthens immune system.
20. Increases heart health.
21. Improves the natural balance of hormones.
22. Less internal inflammation.
23. Less risk of cancer.
24. Less risk of diabetes.
25. Lessens or helps rid allergies.
26. Reverses chronic diseases.
27. Great nutritional snacks for young children.
28. Keeps you happy and mood is more positive.

With all these benefits why would you not have a smoothie at least once a day?

Need some Smoothie inspiration, click below

– Vanilla Blueberry Flax Smoothie

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