About Mama


Welcome. Hi my name is Heather. This is my vegan food journey!

Since my younger years I have always had a love for food and cooking. It wasn’t until going vegan that I started to cook for my family regularly, 5-6 nights a week and really enjoy it. Now, spending time in the kitchen actually challenges me, inspires me and motivates me to being the healthiest mama for my boys! It’s my happy place when I need a “break” from the everyday chaos. I transitioned to a vegan lifestyle during May 2016 and I’m never looking back.


I’m basically married {just not on paper.. YET} he’s my best friend and the father to my boys. We’ve been together in this crazy journey of life for over 9 years. I’m also a mother of three boys {my youngest is almost 3 years old, my middle son will be 5 years in December and my oldest son is 15, he will be starting his sophomore year in high school this fall. We reside in New Jersey, but who knows where life will take us?


Being a mom of three boys and no longer being in my twenties {we won’t go there}, I have become a very anxious person. I am constantly nervous about everything they do and eat! I’m not sure if it comes with age but being the only female in my house, I’m told I’m “crazy” and too overprotective, but aren’t most moms? I think it’s just our natural motherly instinct. I never thought I’d be “that” mom, but I am. To make it easier on me, I decided to detox our lives from anything harmful {that I can prevent}. I know I can’t protect my boys from everything, but I can try. Can’t I?


I decided to start first with our food then the cleaning products I used in my home to the skincare and hygiene products for my family. I took it a step further and started developing full on vegan recipes for us! Some of which they weren’t aware of, because I wasn’t always honest with them when they asked, “What’s for Dinner?” I told little white lies when I started transitioning them to the vegan lifestyle or they will get too overwhelmed all at once! It’s still an everyday challenge to please my family, but it’s my job to succeed or fail and for the most part I would say I’ve done good.

Just want to thank you for stopping by my page and getting to know a little bit more about me and my family, and maybe even attempting one of my recipes! If you recreate any of my recipes be sure to tag me on Instagram at #mamawentveganrecreate and follow me @mamawentvegan.