Latin Inspired Cuisine-The Vegan Way

Latin Inspired Cuisine-The Vegan Way HMK

  • In this book of Latin Inspired recipes are a few favorites of mine, but with a vegan flare. Included are a few staples used in everyday cooking, many appetizers, a popular stew, main dishes perfect for the holidays and a few of my most favorite desserts. I hope this Ebook gives you the confidence to get more creative in the kitchen using plant-based ingredients as a replacement in traditional Latin dishes. NO REFUNDS for digital downloads!   Recipes Included: Staples: Adobo & Sazon/Achiote Oil/Sofrito/Vegan Picadillo Appetizers: Vegan Papa Rellenas/Vegan Alcapurrias/Vegan Chickpea Flour Empanadas/Vegan Coxinha/Vegan Mofongo/Not "Cod" Ceviche Tostone Rellenas Soup: Vegan Sancocho Beans & Rice: Habichuelas Guisadas/Frijoles Negros/Arroz con gandules Main Dishes: Vegan Balcalaitos/Vegan Potato Pastelon/Vegan Bacalao/Vegan Pernil/Vegan Pasteles Desserts: Vegan Churros/Vegan Tembleque/Vegan Caramel Flan