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“Mama Went Vegan, Now you can too!”

In this beginner’s guide you’ll get pages packed with information to help make your transition into a Vegan lifestyle a smoother process. I give tips on the lifestyle as a whole. Your diet is only one branch of your transition. If you’re interested in this guide then you’ve already decided you want to become a healthier you, why not just become the best version of you?

What’s Included:

– Educational: documentaries, websites links for vegan restaurant guide, vegan alcoholic beverage guide, vegan websites for animal activism.

– Benefits of a Plant-Based Lifestyle: Diseases that are prevented and physical changes to your mind and body just from changing your eating habits.

– Living Vegan: what you do and don’t wear, consume, events to attend.

– Kitchen Tools & Essentials: Some appliances and main essentials that will help save you time and create some delicious recipes.

– How To Use Plant-Based Ingredients: Which ingredients and/or common plant-based brands to choose to substitute in place of animal meats or by-products.

– Questions and Answers: A few of the most common questions I am asked about being vegan and some information to help you understand what does what better.

– Shopping List: it’s pretty thorough. Great when first starting out and you are feeling overwhelmed.

I hope you find this e-book useful. With luck most of your questions and concerns where to start has been explained.

Please, if you have any questions or concerns that have gone unanswered feel free to email me or DM me on my Instagram account.

Thanks again for your support! It’s always appreciated!