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The Vegan Way HMK

  • This E-book contains Plant-Based Recipes {6 Breakfast, 6 Lunch, 6 Dinner & 6 Dessert} that are great for beginners who are still unsure where to start or others who have years under their belt but want more inspiration. NO REFUNDS for digital downloads!


Latin Inspired Cuisine-The Vegan Way HMK

  • In this book of Latin Inspired recipes are a few favorites of mine, but with a vegan flare. Included are a few staples used in everyday cooking, many appetizers, a popular stew, main dishes perfect for the holidays and a few of my most favorite desserts. I hope this Ebook gives you the confidence to get more creative in the kitchen using plant-based ingredients as a replacement in traditional Latin dishes. NO REFUNDS for digital downloads!   Recipes Included: Staples: Adobo & Sazon/Achiote Oil/Sofrito/Vegan Picadillo Appetizers: Vegan Papa Rellenas/Vegan Alcapurrias/Vegan Chickpea Flour Empanadas/Vegan Coxinha/Vegan Mofongo/Not "Cod" Ceviche Tostone Rellenas Soup: Vegan Sancocho Beans & Rice: Habichuelas Guisadas/Frijoles Negros/Arroz con gandules Main Dishes: Vegan Balcalaitos/Vegan Potato Pastelon/Vegan Bacalao/Vegan Pernil/Vegan Pasteles Desserts: Vegan Churros/Vegan Tembleque/Vegan Caramel Flan