Vegan Buffalo Chickpea Burgers with Vegan Ranch
A cruelty-free burger using Chickpeas and wheat gluten to create a similar texture of a hearty burger patty. Topped with Vegan ranch, crispy red onions and fresh tomatoes and spinach!
Servings Prep Time
5-6Burgers 30minutes
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
5-6Burgers 30minutes
Cook Time
For the Chickpea Patties
Wet Ingredients for Breading
Dry Ingredients for Breading
For the Buffalo Sauce
For the Vegan Ranch-Recipe 2
For the Chickpeas Burgers
  1. To begin, drain the Aquafaba {chickpea brine} into a small bowl {you’ll be using this later in the recipe}. Then rinse your chickpeas and add the rinsed chickpeas to a mixing bowl.
  2. Crush the chickpeas using a fork until all smashed but let a few chunky pieces remain.
  3. Next, add in the breadcrumbs, paprika, garlic powder, thyme, sea salt and the juice freshly squeezed from one lemon.
  4. Combine these ingredients together until it’s evenly distributed throughout.
  5. Now, add in the vital wheat gluten. Using your hands combine the flour with the mixture.
  6. Continue to knead the mixture together. You want a “dough” like texture. Keep kneading it until everything becomes sticky and combined into one large piece.
  7. Then, you need to form the burgers or patties. Whatever type of sandwich you’re going for. Tear a few pieces from the large dough portion and knead the smaller portions into a patty like shape. I made a few different sizes and I got 5 patties from it. Place the patties in the freezer about 5 minutes just enough to chill them.
  8. Prepare or arrange your dunking station. Grab your aquafaba from earlier and set it aside.
  9. Then, in a shallow bowl or whatever you’re planning on using, add the flour, cornstarch and salt to it and whisk it to combine.
  10. Add a pot of {your choice} oil to the stove and make sure it’s hot enough when ready to start. You have to work pretty quickly though so you don’t burn the oil.
  11. Drop the patties first in the aquafaba to coat. Then, dredge the wet patty into the flour mixture and fully cover on both sides. I like to use a spoon to help get the flour evenly around it.
  12. Using a utensil {so you don’t burn yourself} drop the floured patty into the hot oil. Let it fry about 4 minutes each side.
  13. While the patties are frying prepare your buffalo sauce and Vegan Ranch.
For the Buffalo Sauce
  1. Add in the melted vegan butter, hot sauce, garlic powder, cayenne pepper to a small bowl and whisk until combined. Set it aside until all patties are fried.
For the Vegan Ranch
  1. To a small dish or jar add in vegan mayonnaise, almond milk {enough to liquify and loosen the mayo}, garlic and onion powder, black pepper and mix to distribute throughout. Then, add in the fresh herbs {Parsley, Dill and Chives}.
  2. Remove the chickpea patty from the hot oil and let it drain on a paper towel lined dish to absorb any excess oil.
  3. Then, slather the patty in the hot sauce mixture on a separate plate in case the sauce goes all over the place. Transfer the Buffalo Chickpea patty to your choice of vegan buns and layer with your choice of toppings. I decided to use Vegan Ranch, Spinach leaves, thinly sliced Red Onions and sliced Tomatoes. Serve and Enjoy!
Recipe Notes

Did you attempt this recipe? Please let me know how you liked it {or not} by leaving a comment below or sharing a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #mamawentveganrecipes or @mamawentvegan. I love to hear your feedback and see your creations!

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