Vegan CrabLESS Salad Rolls
These vegan CrabLESS salad rolls are light and creamy with an added crunch and a unique kick of spice to raise it up a notch!
Servings Prep Time
3 40minutes
Servings Prep Time
3 40minutes
For the Sandwich:
  1. To start, you need to shred or grate your already baked or smoked tofu. I used my food processor and my medium shredded disc blade. You could also use a standing heater. You want a similar shredded “crab” like texture.
  2. Next, transfer the shredded tofu to a mixing bowl. Then, add in the finely sliced green onions, minced celery, apple cider vinegar, old bay seasoning, ground black pepper and a pinch of sea salt and a little freshly squeezed lemon juice on top.
  3. Next, add in the homemade vegan mayonnaise. Fold everything together. You want to make sure everything is well saturated and distributed throughout the mixture.
  4. Cover and place the CrabLESS salad in the refrigerator. It needs to chill at least 30 minutes.
  5. Once chilled remove from the refrigerator and assemble the rolls. I like to add some greens {either fresh spinach or a little romaine} to my sandwich first. Then I top with a generous amount of the CrabLESS salad. Serve with a side of kettle chips and lemon wedge for garnish. Enjoy!
Recipe Notes

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